Thoughts on 2016

Truth is, 2016 hasn’t been an easy year for me. That doesn’t make it less rewarding or beautiful – actually, it was quite a great year overall – it just wasn’t very smooth, to put it that way. Although I didn’t manage to meet the whole list of expectations (why is it always so long?!) I had for the year, I’m happy to look back at all the awesome experiences I accumulated under my belt. And the stories I’ll live to tell :))

2016 started with a lovely editorial published in Tales Magazine, featuring beautiful Manuela Ticarat with make-up by Cristina Foit and hairstyle by Daciana Durla.

WEB andreea iancu tear sheet tales-2

Then it continued with various creative shoots, some of which may or may not imply a car completely stuck in a mud hole, terrible thunder storm and heavy mosquito bites all over my body. Without going through all of the year’s sessions, I’ll be mentioning just some of the highlights. I’m glad I started collaborating with a talented local designer – Gabriella Olar, whose beautiful creations I got the chance to photograph on various occasions. Maybe you remember this absolutely epic blue dress?

andreeaiancu_05_10 m

Or maybe this gorgeous fairy tale-like red one, which also got featured in Dark Beauty Magazine? (see the whole session here)


Or the collection I photographed later in autumn, featuring Teodora & Manuela as models, with make-up by Cristina Foit and hairstyle by Edina Antal.


I’m also very happy with the shoot I had in Timisoara with beautiful Adelina wearing a gorgeous dress by M.D. Burnette. We were also so, so lucky to have shot this – we hurried up during the only clear weather window in between heavy rain and thunder storms. Now that I think of it, I’m amazed there were roses left.. Make-up was done by talented Adina Trohin. See the whole set here.

Later on I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo I took back in 2015 now in huge size adorning one of the walls in Lotus Oradea mall. It features gorgeous Vanessa for De Georgia – a jewelry brand. May I tell you a tiny little secret? Each time I pass by the banner I still get excited like a little kid. I also go very close to the image and inspect every pixel. 😀


Another lovely collaboration was with fashion designer Maia Ratiu – her dresses are so soft and feminine and delicate! It was a pleasure to shoot the campaign for both her F/W collections, in a wonderful setting in Oradea. Models were Teodora and Manuela, with make-up by Cristina Foit and hairstyle by Daciana Durla.




A capture I’m absolutely in love with is this one from a set with beautiful blogger Beatrice Szuhai wearing tights by Gatta Romania. The sun was preparing to set and the light was filtering so nice in the room (at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Oradea)! Make-up by Anita Kovacs, hairstyle by Anett Szabo.


Last but not least, I’m in love with this session I had with Manuela. Simple is often better – we just went out to shoot some portraits and got some of my all time favourite captures! Make-up was done by Anda Goia and you can see the whole set here.


Travel wise, I could make a whole other blog post..! I’m happy I got to travel a lot last year and aiming for more this year.

If you’ve been following me on instagram, you’re probably up-to-date with my wanderings, but to mention only a few, I’d say Copenhagen was definitely a top favourite – the city is absolutely amazing!

Learning to surf in Costa da Caparica and exploring Lisbon with Surf Office was also a great experience, while discovering Cabo de Gata Nijar Geopark in Southern Spain was fantastic on its own, not mentioning all the other perks, like spending time with a friend from there who I hadn’t seen in 2 years. Ups, blog post about that trip coming soon – so many gorgeous locations to share with you!

What else? I think this sums up pretty well the highs of my 2016. What next? Well.. we’ll live and see 🙂

How was your 2016?

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