Something black, something white / photoshoot

Ups! Hope you’ll forgive me for skipping the last few weeks! I had a few articles planned to be published while on the road, I promise I really did, but oh well, life happened and I didn’t find the time to finish up any of the blog posts I started. But if you’ve been following my instagram, you know what I was up to and what future articles to expect 😉 Coming soon, just delaying the dreadful moment of going through a few hundred images!

Anywaysss… I wanted to get back on the blogging track with a lovely photo session I had with my friend Manuela right before leaving, who I suppose you already know from my portfolio. We aimed for some quick & simple portraits, trying to capture emotion, and had talented Anda Cretu as MUA.

I also played a bit with black & white in post-processing and love how it all turned out.

Model: Manuela Ticarat

MUA: Anda Cretu

andreeaiancu_15_01_wm andreeaiancu_15_02_wm andreeaiancu_15_03_wm andreeaiancu_15_04_wm andreeaiancu_15_05_wm andreeaiancu_15_06_wm andreeaiancu_15_07_crop_wm andreeaiancu_15_08_wm andreeaiancu_15_09_wm andreeaiancu_15_10_wm


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