#inmystudio with Damaris + new instagram account

Hi, guys!

Missed me? 😀 I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long but there are some changes down the pipe regarding my website & blog and I just couldn’t keep up with everything going on in the past months.

You probably noticed I recently split my instagram account posts in 2: anything portrait photography related goes on @andreeaiancuphotography whereas all my travel posts now go on @whereisdeea. The thing is that I like capturing sceneries, food & architecture quite a lot and I couldn’t find a proper balance between everything so my feed was already looking way too chaotic. Plus, I couldn’t properly connect with the people following me because some where there for the portraiture, others for the travel stuff. Hence, the decision to create another account for everything else that goes on in my life that’s not portraiture related 🙂

Man, do you know how hard it is to manage 2 accounts at once?! Generate content on a consistent basis for this little monster that instagram has become, devouring tons of information by the second? My respect for those making a living out of social media management has suddenly increased tenfold!

So, what do you think of this approach? Do you have a single instagram account for everything or have more separate ones? Let me know in the comment section below!

Now, let’s move into the visual part of this post 😉 I recently photographed beautiful Damaris at my place – I’ve got a gorgeous room flooded in natural light which I’m looking forward into transforming in a small studio in the near future (it’s funny how I didn’t really see it’s full potential until the walls were painted white and the ugly old yellow paint was forever gone, thank goodness). This photoshoot was sort of a test, something really laid back, no make-up or hair fuss, no fancy clothes, just to see what we can get out of it.

Guys, I got excited on the very first snap! The light was so so beautiful and it complimented the model wonderfully! In that moment I realised how much I missed shooting with natural light (winters can be a real pain in the butt here where I live..), photographing just for the fun of it with no strings attached aaaaand also how much I love that room :)) I’ll leave you to enjoy the photos, but before that.. should I make this #inmystudio a series? 🙂

andreeaiancu-damaris-01-wm andreeaiancu-damaris-02-wm andreeaiancu-damaris-03-wm andreeaiancu-damaris-04-wm andreeaiancu-damaris-06-wm andreeaiancu-damaris-07-2 andreeaiancu-damaris-08-wm andreeaiancu-damaris-09-4 andreeaiancu-damaris-10-10 andreeaiancu-damaris-11-1 andreeaiancu-damaris-12-5 andreeaiancu-damaris-14bw-9

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