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I’m back with a new post after a long tiring weekend of editing, doing back-ups and reinstalling most of my laptop because, oh well, #shithappens. Hope your weekend was better than mine! Thankfully I didn’t lose anything important this time, but each time this happens I’m reminded of how important it is to always, always, alwaaaays, back-up all your stuff as often as possible.

In the meanwhile of these events, I also took the decision to challenge myself and post a new article every Monday, photography and/or travel related, of course. Yup, that’s right, from now on you can tune in here every Monday morning while enjoying your coffee. You may also scold me if I miss one day of posting, but let’s just hope it won’t be necessary.

So, today I’m taking you on a tour through one of my recent photosessions featuring beautiful Manuela and a stunning red dress by Gabriella Olar.

The minute I saw this dress I wanted to capture it, but can I tell you a secret? Honestly, I didn’t have a clear idea of how this should turn out.

I only knew I wanted to photograph the dress somewhere in the middle of the nature, so we decided to head over to the closest forest and see if we got inspired right on the spot. And we did. The way the light was passing through the trees at sunset, the way the wonderful dress was flowing and swaying with Manuela’s every step and twirl, it just made it so so hard to pick out my favourites from the set. I wanted to edit them all!

And then, while running away from the mosquitoes and back to the car, I got a glimpse of the golden field stretching on our left – so we jumped in for more captures. Well, we didn’t literally jump in – didn’t want to ruin the dress -, but rather worked the best we could from the sidewalk. And I think it did the trick, because I’m so in love with these captures! Wouldn’t mind seeing one of them on a book cover, hehe. 🙂

I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but the simplest setups often result in the best outcomes, at least in my case. A reminder that you don’t always need a lot of stuff to create something nice. Manuela did her own make-up this time and I helped a bit with the hair styling. We also had lovely Rebeca as an assistant to help us out with the dress for certain captures.

Somebody told me on my facebook page that this series reminds her of Snow White fairytale. For me, it has more of a Jane Austen kind of story feeling, especially the set in the field.

And for you?


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Here’s a snap of me looking pretty normal while shooting ? and my skin loaded with mosquito bites ? thank you @rebecafofiu for capturing this ❤️

O fotografie postată de Andreea Iancu (@andreeaiancuphotography) pe

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