Pastel haze / behind the scenes

It’s always a pleasure to photograph Gabriella Olar’s stunning dresses, I mean, look at this pastel pink beauty, how could you not fall in love with it at first sight? ♥

The initial idea was to shoot this set in the same location of the first capture because I liked the flowery hanging plant and thought it would go nice with the feminine styling. But – BUMMER! – the flowers were loaded with wasps and made Manuela (the model)’s job way too difficult. We couldn’t hang out too much in that area unfortunately, so we had to move around the garden and improvise in other, more safe, spots.

Why did I pick just four captures this time? Ha! I always tend to pick way too many photos from a set, especially if it’s one I absolutely love, which in the end turns out to be quite a waste of time. Not only do people get bored to see a thousand similar captures from the same set, but it happens to myself as well. Plus, I often feel that the best images from a particular set will be out shined by sharing a multitude of other similar captures. So I’m trying hard to get rid of my bad habits and learn to pick just the best of the best. Believe me, it’s not an easy task at all! I managed to do it this time, but who knows if I’ll make it next time…

For this session, Manuela did her own make-up and hair styling and we also had Rebeca to help us out (you know, that dress can’t flow itself like that).
andreeaiancu_11_14_wm andreeaiancu_11_15_wm andreeaiancu_11_16_wm andreeaiancu_11_17_wm

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