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I met Nathalia a few years ago while living in Sevilla, Spain and then life brought us together again a month ago in Barcelona 🙂 Funny how life works sometimes, isn’t it?

She needed a set of professional portraits right before she left Spain to pursue a greater challenge in her life. The photos were required to be serious but not stiff, rather more casual, showing of her personality in a subtle way.

I’m so proud that she trusted me as a photographer and I hope I successfully managed to express how she’s a strong and ambitious woman, yet friendly and approachable, with a warm heart.

Of course I also had her stand in a colorful flower bush by the end of our shoot – because flower obsession reasons.

I shared her story on my Wonderful Stories page, but you can read it here too. Below are her words:

“She didn’t know what these pictures were representing for me. During this shooting, she was immortalising a before and an after, the beginning of a new period for me. My new me. Nobody said it would be an easy period, but at least it is a new and challenging one, and Andreea perfectly captured the message I wanted to transmit: Hello, my name is Nathalia and I am ready to fight for my dreams, without fear. Here we go.” – Nathalia

Wishing you all the best in what’s to come, Nathalia, and hope our paths will cross again soon!





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