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Oh, it’s been such a long time since a behind the scenes/ photoshoot post, but hey, I’m back, so that’s what matters. Missed it?

Well, last month I spent a few days in Timisoara, in order to finally receive my architect diploma (I graduated last year, but they give you the official papers only a year later) and because I wanted to combine business with fun, long story short, I decided to organize a short photoshoot.

I have collaborated before with talented make-up artist Adina Trohin and I was happy to hear she was in town and willing to hop in for the shoot. Lovely Adelina agreed to model for me and M.D. Burnette kindly lent us the stunning dress and accessories. Through all the excitement I didn’t forget to check out the weather for the day (which was announced as perfect) and went for location scouting around town, only to end up picking one of the most known places in Timisoara – Roses Park -, which was fully blooming with roses at that time.

Two days before the session, a sudden horrible storm takes over the city. I become nervous and start checking the weather forecast almost every 1 or 2 hours. It kept on changing from sunny to cloudy, so as long as it didn’t announce another storm, all was fine. But the night before the shoot, another terrible storm hits the city, this time waking me up in the middle of the night, with loud thunders, incessant lightnings and heavy rain.

Next morning I wake up very early to a cloudy day. It actually looks perfect for shooting outdoors without the harsh sun and I estimate that the pavement has plenty of time to dry up until noon, when the session is due.

Only that at around 10 o’clock it starts pouring rain again almost out of nowhere. Actually, the whole days up until this moment were a mixture of harsh summer sun and sudden thunderstorms. At this point, I’m completely discouraged and it’s only my naive stubbornness that doesn’t let me give up my ruined plans, despite this being the most logical thing to do. I realize how important it is to have a back up plan for this kind of events, when it’s very difficult – if not impossible – to postpone everything. Had I not rely so much on the weather forecast and looked for a covered area, a building or even a studio…..

Luckily, both the MUA and the model are willing to wait up a bit more and see if we get any chances after all. So, fast forward, rain stops at around 11, at 12 we head to Adina’s studio for make-up, finish at around 13, jump in the car and hurry up to Roses Park to catch the good weather window. Bam! We made it, we’re here, ready to shoot under a cloudy (and a bit menacing) sky.

I had a glimpse of fear that the roses will be all gone due to the storms, but they took it well enough to make for a nice backdrop.

I love how this whole session turned out, despite hurrying to shoot in a short window before another rain. Picking up the best captures to retouch was the hardest part. There are certain captures I spot as “winners” right on camera, but reviewing the series on my computer later on I keep finding others that speak to me in a way or another and this was the case again here. Therefore, I ended up editing more images than usual. Should’ve we had enough time to switch dresses, I think this would have made for a nice dreamy editorial.

Big thank you to the lovely team for your collaboration and courage to defy the bad weather 🙂

Model: Adelina

MUA: Adina Trohin

Dress & hair accessories: M.D. Burnette

Also, special thanks to Mihai, for always supporting me (and driving me around with the car :D).

andreeaiancu_10_01_wm-2 andreeaiancu_10_02_wm andreeaiancu_10_03_wm andreeaiancu_10_04_wm andreeaiancu_10_05_wm andreeaiancu_10_06_wm

andreeaiancu_10_07_wm andreeaiancu_10_09_wm andreeaiancu_10_10_wm andreeaiancu_10_11_wm andreeaiancu_10_12_wm andreeaiancu_10_13_wm


And here’s a little behind the scenes from the day. I always have the weirdest posing when connected to my camera! It doesn’t even look that bad here, but that’s because I usually delete all evidence of my random postures and keep just the ones that are at least “okay”, hehe. 😀


I bet you can’t beat me at weird posing when shooting ??

O fotografie postată de Andreea Iancu (@andreeaiancuphotography) pe

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