Ana • Barcelona • #2

What’s up everyone?

Tell me what have you been working on lately?

It’s Friday evening at the time of writing this post, around 11 o’clock already (but I haven’t decided when I’m going to schedule this article yet, hehe), I’m accompanied by a glass of homemade tinto de verano (because that’s how I roll!) and writing my second blog article today just because I’m feeling so inspired suddenly!

It’s funny how inspiration works, isn’t it? It strikes you at the most random and unexpected times and in between these moments it leaves you completely on your own without any remorse. You have to put in the hard work and sometimes a lot of effort to just keep going on and “create inspiration” out of nothing.

Because you can’t just stop and wait for the next strike, can you?

I learnt the hard way that waiting for inspiration is useless and it plain sucks. You just have to keep going and get sh*t done.. inspiration will follow. The lows can be disheartening at times, but the highs feel so rewarding.

Anyway, enough with the motivational stuff for today! I’ve got prettier things to share with you, more specifically: the second part of my photo session with talented Ana Lendl in Barcelona!

I already wrote about the context and the story in the previous article featuring the first part of the set (as in, a few hours ago, but you’ll read this a few days apart – because yes, I can do that!), so today I won’t keep you long with my ramblings and get straight to the photos!


P.S. Scroll down to the end for a couple of behind the scenes too in case you missed them previously on instagram! 😉











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