Ana • Barcelona • #1

Hola! What’s up everyone?

I’m happy to share with you today the first set from my photo session with beautiful model Ana Lendl a few weeks ago in Barcelona!

Ana is from Vienna and I was following her instagram for quite a while already, hoping that maybe one day when I find myself in her city I’ll get the chance to photograph her beauty. Guess what? The chance arrived much earlier, when Ana announced she was heading to Barcelona!


The rest is obvious: we met for a quick photoshoot in one of Barcelona’s beautiful gardens. I had an idea in mind of what I was looking for in terms of framing and posing, however, the location was so rich in picture-perfect corners that we quickly switched to another place that worked out much better with her look and which also had more pleasant lighting. Always try to have this lesson in mind: keep your eyes open, be aware of your surroundings and try to get the subject from various angles in various locations.

Ana was lovely and such a pleasure to work with! And despite her having a cold, she made it through the session with professionalism! Hats off!

Make-up was done by Ana herself and the gorgeous red dress is from Mango.

Hope you’ll enjoy the photos!












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