fairytales 2 // Tyene

Here goes part II of my Fairytales photo project, trying to illustrate one of the characters from the ultra-popular Game of Thrones series. Now, let’s make this clear from the start: I didn’t read a single line from the books (although I intend to finish them until the end of this year, let’s see how that goes), I have only seen all the seasons (and lived every scene with my eyes stuck to the screen or just shouting and swearing each time a dear character died – which could easily mean a few times per episode).

And I made this clear because Fairytales II illustrates Tyene Sand, one of Oberyn’s daughters from Dorne (which by the way, did you already know it was going to be filmed in the Real Alcazar of Sevilla? HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Haha, I have visited Dorne before it was cool!).

fairytales, tyene, game of thrones       fairytales, tyene, game of thrones

So, the thing is that I saw Zeynep’s photos in my news feed and wanted so badly to photograph her. Tried my luck, wrote her, accepted and just 2 days before her flight back home we were rushing through Sevilla’s heat to find a shadowed place for a few beauty test shots. Due to the lack of time to think about a nice story for the photoshoot I resigned with the idea that I’ll capture just simple portraits of Zeynep. However, I brought some of the recently bought fabrics, just in case. Gloria, the MUA, saw the dark burgundy colour of the fabric and thought of a gold make-up to go with it.

From then on, we started to improvise. We improvised on the spot a dress from the fabric (and had to compose two images in post-processing to have it look so long and flowing, as it wasn’t long enough for the model’s height) and a forehead accessory from Zeynep’s necklace.

And after the very first captures, while reviewing them on my camera, I couldn’t stop noticing a little Game of Thrones feeling, maybe due to the overall colours, or the background, or the model… What’s for sure is that I knew this photoshoot will transform into the second part of my project and that it’s going to picture a character from Game of Thrones.

fairytales, tyene, game of thrones            fairytales, tyene, game of thrones

But what character? I knew I wanted her to be from Dorne, because I imagine the place pretty much with those golden colours, with an exotic feeling, just like Sevilla is. And what other better reason than the fact that Sevilla’s Alcazar will be it’s setting?

So I had to do a bit of research and what caught my eye was the character of Tyene Sand, from Sunspear (capital of Dorne), who is described as looking sweet and innocent but is powerful and treacherous. And Zeynep is just so beautiful and can easily go from a range of expressions, from innocence to pride, from fragility to boldness.

fairytales, tyene, game of thrones            fairytales, tyene, game of thrones

Yup, I think she would be a great fit for this character. I would love to see her act in the series, as she is also an upcoming actress and I’m sure she’d do a great job.

If you already read the books and know more of this character, I’m curious to hear your thoughts!

fairytales, tyene, game of thrones            fairytales, tyene, game of thrones

Model: Zeynep Tugce Bayat

MUA: Gloria del Hoyo

Assistant: Andra Oana


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