Winds of Change • Editorial in PUMP Magazine • December 2017

Been waiting for so long to share this one with you!

While living in Barcelona last year I got the opportunity to meet some amazing people in the industry, talented & ambitious emerging artists and luckily had the chance to collaborate with some of them.


You already know beautiful Danny from some of my previous posts (this one and this one). After I met her and did the test shoot, I knew I wanted her in the editorial I was already planning with Sandra (the stylist) and I was so happy when she accepted to play the part! She’s not only beautiful and talented, but also serious about the modelling job and I sincerely hope she’ll have a great future as a model.

With Sandra – Sa Rederi – I met randomly at an event and I liked her strong, determined attitude from the very beginning. It was also such a joy to have someone to practice my Spanish with! 😉 She’s very passionate about styling and very professional. I deeply appreciated how well she took care of her task, she prepared each look in advance (and sent me pics so I had an idea beforehand of how the styling will look like on the day of the photoshoot), took care of all clothes to be in order for the day, had the releases at hand, helped the model get in and out of each look and all in all was in charge of everything that implied styling and assisting as well. It might sound like common sense to do all this as a stylist but, unfortunately, very few people are this serious about their job.

Sandra brought along Esther, an incredibly talented make-up artist and a person with such a positive attitude it was a pleasure to work with her!

This photoshoot turned out to be one of my favourites to date! The theme was revolving around the late autumn season, with a casual, yet interesting styling, simple but eye-catching make-up, all in a gorgeous location on the outskirts of Barcelona.

The weather was not on our side unfortunately – we had to postpone the photo session once due to unexpected storms and even on the day of the session it got cloudy and dark while we were hurrying to photograph the last looks. But all in all it turned out great and what I appreciated the most was how well every one in the team got involved and took their tasks with utmost seriosity.

This series got featured in the December issue of PUMP Magazine and really, you can tell how much I love the outcome by the amount of outtakes I’ve got from the set. It was so, so hard to pick just a few final images!

Hope you like it too and don’t forget to show some love to the talented team as well!

Photographer: Andreea Iancu

Model: Danil Polanco

Styling: Sa Rederi

HMUA: Esther Carbonell

Designers featured: Carlos Barrutia, Valmizar, Judith Gomez, Shernas, Natalie Joyce.


andreea-iancu-pump-magazine-6 andreea-iancu-pump-magazine-5 andreea-iancu-pump-magazine-4 andreea-iancu-pump-magazine-3 andreea-iancu-pump-magazine-2 And here are some of my favourite outtakes (unpublished captures):
andreea-iancu-03-web andreea-iancu-21-web andreea-iancu-19-web andreea-iancu-10-web andreea-iancu-11-web andreea-iancu-02-web

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