january photoshoot in review

I’ve been looking forward to write about this photoshoot since January, when I took it, but life has become so chaotic for me since arriving in Sevilla, that I still can’t properly organize myself and get carried away by a lot of random things, some fun and memorable while others useless and time-wasting. Oh well, hopefully I will eventually learn how to successfully manage my time – that would be the most valuable lesson I could learn while I’m here.

I do have a long list of blog posts that are waiting to be written – some are of photoshoots, some of random stuff, some of my life in my new home away from home. It’s just that when I’m not close to my laptop I have the best writing ideas and when I finally get home and have some time to sit down and conceive a readable article, all my ideas and writing mood have gone away. Damn, I do need to learn to motivate myself! Anyone has some tips worth trying?

Anyway, let’s move on to today’s story. So this is a photoshoot I took for romanian designer Sofia Afrenie, as a preview for her SS 2014 Allure collection (which you can fully admire now on her facebook page). I have to confess I love her latest creations and I’m dieing to go home and shoot some more of them (hehehe).

andreea iancu photography

All of the images were shot at her studio workspace, only with natural light (that room does have some amazing lighting!) and I was very happy of how they turned out (good job, dear old Canon 450D! I will certainly shed a tear when I’ll change you for one of your better brothers).

As in terms of post-processing, I had quite a lot to work with the background, as I felt that the colour of the walls didn’t match the whole scene (they were yellowish). I’m thinking of showing you a before and after one of these days (which would mean probably in a month or even more).

Enough talking, I’ll let you enjoy the images and.. hope you like them as much as I do! Don’t forget to check out below all the credits for this photoshoot and go show those creative people some love! ^_^

andreea iancu photography andreea iancu photography andreea iancu photography andreea iancu photography

Model: Cristina Bud

MUA: Adina Trohin

Clothing: Sofia Afrenie

Handbag: Issabel Lombardi

Earrings: TRIA ALFA

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