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What’s up everyone?

Today I’m sharing you with you an older photoshoot (well, not THAT old, but still – it’s been a few months already), featuring beautiful Teodora in my natural light studio. This was actually the last photo session I got to do in Oradea, before taking off for Barcelona, back at the beginning of June.

Due to the chaos of moving to a new city, meeting new people and doing new photo sessions here, only recently I got to finish polishing this series. However, I do believe it was worth the wait!

I had a really fun time photographing Teodora, testing the gorgeous natural light and playing with outfits, accessories, poses and expressions. No professional makeup or hairstyle or styling, this was more like a polaroid kind of shoot, focusing on showing the model’s beauty, posing & expression.

This would be the 3rd photoshoot from my #inmystudio series (first one was the one with Damaris  here (part 1) and here (part 2) and the 2nd one was with Manuela here) and I really grew to love doing these natural light, simple test shoots so I’m definitely looking forward to continuing it with new models! So yeah, send me a message if you’re a model and would like to be a part of this series! 😉

Ok, I won’t keep you any longer now! Enjoy the photos and see you next time!

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andreea-iancu-teodora--12 andreea-iancu-teodora--14 andreea-iancu-teodora--15 andreea-iancu-teodora--16 andreea-iancu-teodora--8andreea-iancu-teodora--10 andreea-iancu-teodora--11 andreea-iancu-teodora--5andreea-iancu-teodora--2 andreea-iancu-teodora--3 andreea-iancu-teodora--4 andreea-iancu-teodora- andreea-iancu-teodora-wm--2 andreea-iancu-teodora-wm--3andreea-iancu-teodora-wm- andreea-iancu_teo-02-wm andreea-iancu_teo-01-wm

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