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Hey, everyone! What’s up?

I’m shamelessly enjoying the Barcelona sun (#sorrynotsorry) – but actually not as much as it might seem I do, considering how much time I have to spend in front of my laptop trying to catch up with all the editing work I have to finish. ? About that – new photos coming soon! Can’t wait to share them with you so keep an eye on my instagram for all the new goodies coming up!

Today’s #inmystudio series features beautiful Manuela, with make-up by talented Cristina Foit. Have I told you how much I love this soft natural light? ❤️

Also! Because many of you often ask me how I edit my photos and especially how I do the skin retouching part, I created a video that will show you some insight into my retouching workflow and color toning process. It’s sped up because I didn’t want you guys to fall asleep while watching and you also need to have basic Photoshop knowledge to be able to understand what I do. However, this is my first video ever so I need your feedback! Please let me know your thoughts and what would you like to see next!

See you soon ❤️


andreeaiancu_manuela_01a-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_02-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_03-1800-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_04-1800-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_05-1800-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_06-1800-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_07-1800-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_08-1800-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_09-1800-wm andreeaiancu_manuela_10-wm

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