fairytales 3 // Lethe

mermaid legend, greek mythology, lethe

Part III of the Fairytales project was created during the same photoshoot as part I, the one with Persephone, at the same location and using almost the same props – we just added different accessories, removed the black body and interpreted differently the fabric’s characteristics. For this one we inspired ourselves at first from the …

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fairytales 2 // Tyene

fairytales, tyene, game of thrones

Here goes part II of my Fairytales photo project, trying to illustrate one of the characters from the ultra-popular Game of Thrones series. Now, let’s make this clear from the start: I didn’t read a single line from the books (although I intend to finish them until the end of this year, let’s see how …

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fairytales 1 // river of wailing

Here goes part 1 of my Fairytales photo project that I have just announced in my last blog post. I’m super excited with this experiment and already have tons of ideas that I can’t wait to turn them into something real. I’m so glad I decided to start this series and also make it public, focusing …

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winter queen photoshoot in review

winter queen, andreea iancu photography

Well, this one is another already old photoshoot, taken in February in Timișoara, outdoors, at a damn freezing low temperature. It´s a collection preview for romanian designer Andreea Borcea, featuring a beautiful delicate black & gold body dress. All the praises should go to the beautiful and courageous model, Alina, who successfully resisted a whole …

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january photoshoot in review

spring summer fashion 2014

I’ve been looking forward to write about this photoshoot since January, when I took it, but life has become so chaotic for me since arriving in Sevilla, that I still can’t properly organize myself and get carried away by a lot of random things, some fun and memorable while others useless and time-wasting. Oh well, …

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