beating the bad weather // photoshoot in Bucharest

Hola chic@s! How’s it going? ^_^

Back in December last year I went to Bucharest to visit an old friend and in the meanwhile I was willing to do some test shoots with new models, adding a bit of variety to my portfolio. I was told it was snowing there and was expecting a white, feeric urban scenery.

Fast forward after 8 hours stuck in the train, I get off in a muddy and rainy city. All the feeric snow melted down and made everything look and feel dirty. There wasn’t even a trace of sun to lighten the days, just grey clouds everywhere and a cold drizzle all day long. Honestly, it was depressing.

However, I stubbornly decided to hold at least one of the planned photoshoots and thank God the model was brave enough to fight the awful drizzle, ’cause we got some really beautiful results! We shot on an empty street with old buildings in the historic center and I used my favourite tool to get some interesting effects (those mirrors I’ve already talked about in previous articles) with the nice scenery (I love old streets, old buildings.. and buildings that threaten to fall down any second).

You probably can’t tell from the pictures, but Raluca, the model, couldn’t even move her frozen fingers very well by the end of the session. The irony is that after warming ourselved with a hot chocolate after the session, the drizzle simply just stopped. Lucky us, huh?

Anyway, hats off for the model, Raluca Antuca (who is also a photographer!) and for the MUA, Elena Neațu, who did a lovely job with the make-up and bravely helped us with the reflector. Thank you! <3

P.S. Bucharest, you won’t see me again until more sunny days!

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