underworld // photoshoot

I’ve been thinking over and over whether to make this series part of the Fairytales project and in the end I decided not to. I might change my mind in the future, though!

Anyway, it wasn’t easy to shoot this. We were depending 100% on the natural light coming from an attic window and the sun was already setting, the light diminishing and my camera doesn’t perform well at high ISO. Therefore, I was only able to experiment for a little while and to take just a few portraits, less than the whole story I had in mind.

They turned out different than what I envisioned, but while post-processing them, I realised I actually liked them better this way: dark & mysterious. I feel they’re more expressive and the one with the eyes closed is definitely my favourite, as I feel it really tells a story.

Hope you like them! Model is beautiful Manuela Ticarat with make-up by Cristina Foit. <3

underworld photoshoot underworld photoshoot underworld photoshoot underworld photoshoot

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