Cristina // photoshoot

Hey guys! Here I am, continuing with the catching up and posting my latest photoshoots!

This one’s from November 2014, again practicing with studio light (60x60cm softbox and a silver reflector). This time I was aiming for a more soft outcome, matching the beauty of the model and the delicacy of  flower. By the way, did you know that this plant, called gypsophila or, more commonly known in English as baby’s breath, is, apparently, extremely expensive?! I was obsessed with using it for a photoshoot and it was quite a pain in the.. you know what, to get just a few branches. The flower shops didn’t even want to sell it! I was imagining filling the frame with it, but I had to improvise with what I had.

Big fat thank you to the beautiful model, Cristina! I love how the images turned out and… I plan to grow my own gypsophila for future photoshoots! 😀

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