White towns seem to steal my heart: Ostuni

Here’s the thing: you can easily win my heart with a full plate of delicious food. And Ostuni did just that! Add the amazing white streets as a dessert to top it all and you have the perfect recipe of getting me hooked and in love forever.

So how did we two meet?

It was a hot September afternoon in Puglia region of Italy. We were tired and hungry, so we stopped in Ostuni to feed our bellies. I was already hooked the moment we got in the town’s core, my eyes were trying to engulf the beauty surrounding me, my camera was trying to capture the best of it, while my friends were more interested into finding a decent restaurant to have lunch.

We sat down at Garibaldi and despite noticing afterwards the multitude of disappointing reviews on tripadvisor, I will honestly tell you I had one of the best meals of my life! No, this is not a sponsored post and no, it wasn’t my first meal at a restaurant ever. I had pasta with seafood, quite common in the area, but the wine sauce it was cooked in… madre mia! The flavours were probably coming from Heaven! The rest is history and my friends can confirm everything. We not only ate everything from our plates, but we used every bread crumb left to clean up all the remaining sauce.

After such a glorious meal, a walk around the white town was the most welcome pleasure. ♥

Ostuni-5026-155 Ostuni-5027-156 Ostuni-5029-157 Ostuni-5031-159 Ostuni-5032-160 Ostuni-5033-161 Ostuni-5035-163 Ostuni-5036-164 Ostuni-5037-165 Ostuni-5039-166 Ostuni-5041-167 Ostuni-5043-168 Ostuni-5044-169 Ostuni-5046-171 Ostuni-5047-172 Ostuni-5050-173 Ostuni-5051-174 Ostuni-5056-177 Ostuni-5058-179 Ostuni-5060-180 Ostuni-5062-181 Ostuni-5063-182 Ostuni-5065-183 Ostuni-5066-184 Ostuni-5069-186 Ostuni-5070-187 Ostuni-5071-188 Ostuni-5072-189 Ostuni-5075-191 Ostuni-5077-192 Ostuni-5078-193 Ostuni-5081-195 Ostuni-5087-199 Ostuni-5088-200 Ostuni-5089-201 Ostuni-5090-202 Ostuni-5092-204 Ostuni-5093-205 Ostuni-5094-206 Ostuni-5095-207 Ostuni-5096-208 Ostuni-5097-209 Ostuni-5102-211 Ostuni-5107-212

Everything is better after a great meal and a good glass of wine, isn’t it?

After Ostuni, we stopped a bit at the beach and then ended the day in the cute town of Monopoli, before returning in Polignano. The night was already closing in and we got a nice perspective of this town (while also enjoying a fantastic and fantastically large chocolate gelato).

La dolce vita!

Monopoli-5113-146 Monopoli-5114-147 Monopoli-5116-148 Monopoli-5117-149 Monopoli-5118-150 Monopoli-5119-151 Monopoli-5122-153 Monopoli-5124-154

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