“Edem” flamenca collection // Spain 2014

flamenca fashion by maria avila

While looking through last year’s photoshoots I stumbled into two lovely editorials I had the chance to shoot while in Spain and realized I never got the chance to write about them on the blog. So what a better time than now, when this year’s season of ferias is fastly approaching? Both of them feature …

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underworld // photoshoot

underworld photoshoot

I’ve been thinking over and over whether to make this series part of the Fairytales project and in the end I decided not to. I might change my mind in the future, though! Anyway, it wasn’t easy to shoot this. We were depending 100% on the natural light coming from an attic window and the …

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Editorial ALTFEL Magazine // feb. 15

altfel magazine

Hey guys! I am so happy & proud to share this news with you! I have a little editorial published in this month’s ALTFEL Magazine, featuring beautiful Romina and clothing/accessories by various local designers. I am really content with the results and with how everything turned out (have to say, I had a great team …

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Manuela // window photoshoot

through the window photoshoot

Hola chic@s! ^_^ Finally, this one’s my last photoshoot of 2014 with beautiful Manuela – you should already know her from my earlier photos. Something simple, shooting through a window, while freezing myself out in the cold and struggling with a stupid polarizing filter (that I ended up not using anyway). All natural light. I …

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beating the bad weather // photoshoot in Bucharest

bad weather

Hola chic@s! How’s it going? ^_^ Back in December last year I went to Bucharest to visit an old friend and in the meanwhile I was willing to do some test shoots with new models, adding a bit of variety to my portfolio. I was told it was snowing there and was expecting a white, …

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Cristina // photoshoot

beauty photoshoot gypsophila

Hey guys! Here I am, continuing with the catching up and posting my latest photoshoots! This one’s from November 2014, again practicing with studio light (60x60cm softbox and a silver reflector). This time I was aiming for a more soft outcome, matching the beauty of the model and the delicacy of  flower. By the way, …

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Cyndi // photoshoot


Hey there! ♥ Caught up in all sort of time consuming activities, I am way behind with sharing around here my photoshoots, but hopefully you’re up-to-date on my facebook page! I also have some good news to share with you, but can’t do it yet, so until then, let’s try to catch up with the photoshoots. 😉 …

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