Cristina // photoshoot

beauty photoshoot gypsophila

Hey guys! Here I am, continuing with the catching up and posting my latest photoshoots! This one’s from November 2014, again practicing with studio light (60x60cm softbox and a silver reflector). This time I was aiming for a more soft outcome, matching the beauty of the model and the delicacy of  flower. By the way, …

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Cyndi // photoshoot

Hey there! ♥ Caught up in all sort of time consuming activities, I am way behind with sharing around here my photoshoots, but hopefully you’re up-to-date on my facebook page! I also have some good news to share with you, but can’t do it yet, so until then, let’s try to catch up with the photoshoots. 😉 …

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2014 in review

andreea iancu photography

Here I am, at the end of the best year so far, with high hopes and expectations for the upcoming new year. 2014 treated me extremely kind and I am so thankful for that. I’m going to repeat myself here, but I guess you already know that I spent half of this year in Spain …

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fairytales 4 // Anamaya

I’m so excited to share this story with you guys, as it’s one of my favourite from the Fairytales series! This time I got inspired from a story I read when I was younger about an Inca princess named Anamaya. It was a SF book, with the events taking place sometime during the Spanish conquest. …

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black & white photoshoot

Back in September I had the pleasure to work with a new model, Manuela, who you’ll see again in the upcoming part 4 of the Fairytales series. Our first session was a studio test shoot, as I wanted to practice a little more with my 60×60 softbox and 160W flash and, also, I was very …

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fairytales 3 // Lethe

mermaid legend, greek mythology, lethe

Part III of the Fairytales project was created during the same photoshoot as part I, the one with Persephone, at the same location and using almost the same props – we just added different accessories, removed the black body and interpreted differently the fabric’s characteristics. For this one we inspired ourselves at first from the …

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fairytales 2 // Tyene

fairytales, tyene, game of thrones

Here goes part II of my Fairytales photo project, trying to illustrate one of the characters from the ultra-popular Game of Thrones series. Now, let’s make this clear from the start: I didn’t read a single line from the books (although I intend to finish them until the end of this year, let’s see how …

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