Something black, something white / photoshoot


Ups! Hope you’ll forgive me for skipping the last few weeks! I had a few articles planned to be published while on the road, I promise I really did, but oh well, life happened and I didn’t find the time to finish up any of the blog posts I started. But if you’ve been following my instagram, …

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Pastel haze / behind the scenes


It’s always a pleasure to photograph Gabriella Olar’s stunning dresses, I mean, look at this pastel pink beauty, how could you not fall in love with it at first sight? ♥ The initial idea was to shoot this set in the same location of the first capture because I liked the flowery hanging plant and …

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The Red Dress / before and after


Hey’a! Ready to start a new week? Thankfully, today is Saint Mary’s Day in Romania, which means it’s a national holiday – so I get to stay home and catch up with all the pile of stuff waiting to be done 😀 I really need to improve my time management and work-life balance before I …

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The Red Dress / behind the scenes


Hey, hey hey! I’m back with a new post after a long tiring weekend of editing, doing back-ups and reinstalling most of my laptop because, oh well, #shithappens. Hope your weekend was better than mine! Thankfully I didn’t lose anything important this time, but each time this happens I’m reminded of how important it is …

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Rose Garden / behind the scenes


Oh, it’s been such a long time since a behind the scenes/ photoshoot post, but hey, I’m back, so that’s what matters. Missed it? Well, last month I spent a few days in Timisoara, in order to finally receive my architect diploma (I graduated last year, but they give you the official papers only a …

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Meet my hometown #Oradea (3)

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Back with another visual feature of my gorgeous hometown ♥ Find part 1 here and part 2 here. As for any updates going on around the city, I can pin point how Unirii Square is so filled with life almost every day, but especially now that all the important games are streamed on a large …

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Meet my hometown #Oradea (2)

Oradea_martie_2016 (2) 1800-2162

Well, looking at all these snaps I take weekly of my dear hometown, I just decided to make this a series! Each blog post will include 10-15 recent images of Oradea via instagram, plus other news (if there are any). If this goes well, I’ll be featuring other peoples’ photos too in the next articles …

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