One day in Tarragona

While in Barcelona back in November, I took a trip with 2 of my friends to Tarragona, a beautiful small town by the sea, 1 hour and a bit away from Barcelona by train. The journey itself was enchanting, as the train passes on some areas right by the beach, offering incredible views.

The town still wears it’s roman history, from the amphitheater lying by the beach, to the remnants of the circus and other disparate ruins scattered around the streets, as the new buildings are built right over the ancient ruins. It’s a beautiful blend and contrast at the same time. The amphitheater, but mostly the circus are the ones that definitely deserve your time.

One day was enough for us to visit the roman ruins and also the cathedral (where there was a wedding in the making!) with it’s wonderful inner courtyard. We also enjoyed lunch in the Placa de la Font, a whole menu of tapas topped by delicious flan, apparently a traditional desert in the area (must try it!). Despite the harsh wind, wandering around the streets was also a pleasant experience, with the help of the autumn sun warming us gently.

But the days are so much shorter in November, so even though we hurried to get to the beach before the sunset, we could only catch the last pink highlights on the clouds. It was cold, windy, but totally worth it.

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