once upon a dream

These images are an excerpt from one of my latest photo sessions, for which I was approached by designer Sofia Afrenie to shoot a preview of her upcoming SS 2014 collection. I have to confess I loved shooting this, although at first I was a bit nervous because of the colourful look – I wasn’t sure how to approach it. However, a bit of research, a few awesome props, some new ideas on the set and the photos just kept flowing.

Anyway, I’ll show you the images with the whole look a bit later. Right now, I only want to talk a little about an experiment I did on this occasion.

andreeaiancuphotography_2014_0209_wm    andreeaiancu photography dreamlike prism effect mirror experiment

Model: Cristina Bud

MUA: Adina Trohin

Clothing & accessories: Sofia Afrenie

I’ve seen this technique a while ago in one of Lindsay Adler’s behind the scenes videos and it got stuck in my mind. It was so simple with so amazing effects. I loved it and wanted to try it too. It requires a triangular prism made out of mirrors, which I created myself from 3 pieces of rectangle shaped mirrors (around 12x20cm) joined together with tape (you can use silicone glue as well, but I wanted it to be easy to disassemble. Take a look at the link I have shared above and you’ll see exactly how it looks like.

Long story short, I am delighted with the dreamlike effect it gave to my images – I feel they look a bit surreal, like stepping into a parallel world of dreams. Obviously, it’s the model’s merit as well for good posing!

Of course, this was my first attempt and I am sure I can achieve better results with more practicing. I think the hardest part with this technique is to control the reflections – I had Sofia holding me a flower bouquet on one side, trying to give her directions on where exactly to hold them, and was trying to mirror on another side of the image the first reflections of the flowers.. it was a bit complicated! The effect also depends on the size of the prism and the lens you use – I have used just the Canon 50mm f1.8.

That should be all for today, but stay tuned for the rest of the photoshoot!

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