Kateryna • Porto

Those of you who know me must know by now that I’ve got itchy feet. I can’t stay in one place for too long: I get bored, irritable, grumpy. I need to change the scenery every other few months at least, otherwise I’m going nuts.

Which is why in May we packed our bags and jumped on a plane to Porto, Portugal, where we visited a friend couple. This was sort of a holiday – “sort of” because I still had to work every now and then to finish some pending tasks.

So, while holidaying there I decided to squeeze in my schedule a quick model test shoot with Kateryna Atamanova, a beautiful model I had previously discovered on Instagram. She was up for the session as well so we agreed on an early morning meeting in the heart of Porto.

I wanted to capture bits of the city as well so we moved around the central streets to discover old stone walls, blue azulejos or views of the city’s skyline with its orange rooftops. Kateryna was very easy to work with, posing graciously for the camera; it was a pleasure to photograph her in the picturesque setup of Porto – my only regret is we didn’t have more time available 🙂

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