#inmystudio • Manuela

One sunny autumn day I got together with two of my favourite persons and put up a quick photo session at my place. The weather was amazing: pleasant warm morning sun creating different light areas inside my studio, I just had to take advantage of it!

I wanted very natural make-up & hair and various accessories to play with – we worked with what the girls had in their wardrobes, especially the tassel earrings which were quite in at that time.

As always it’s a pleasure to work with Manuela, the model, and Cristina, the MUA – I know I can count on them every time to deliver beautiful results. And a bonus point, every shoot with them is a fun one 😉

You’ll notice how the light changes in some of the captures – it’s because we moved around from the more shaded areas to the ones right in front of the window to experiment. Natural light is still my absolute favourite light to photograph in, problem is it’s hard to count on it due to it’s unpredictability and often inconsistency so in the meanwhile I’m learning to love the artificial light life 🙂

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andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-16-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-15-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-14-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-13-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-12-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-11-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-09-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-08-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-07-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-06-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-05-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-04-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-03-wm
andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-02-wm andreeaiancu-manu-nov2017-01-wm

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