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I hold Zaragoza dear in my memory, as it was the last city we enjoyed a good bunch of delicious tapas, before leaving Spain. It’s unbelievable how much I miss the tapas way of eating and living, spending hours with a variety of small plates in front of you and surrounded by loud-talking friends. And always refreshing myself with a large icy glass of tinto de verano.

This was more or less what we did after strolling a bit around the area nearby the river. Zaragoza is yet another cute city. What is it that makes Spanish towns so charming? No matter the architecture, the influences or the climate, you can’t help but at least liking each and one of them. I can’t point one single city, nor even village, that I didn’t like at all while in Spain. And I’ve seen a whole bunch of them through my local trips there.

It’s a pity I didn’t have more time to spend in beautiful Zaragoza and Toledo, but hopefully I’ll get another chance one day. Until then, I’m left with the nice memories and the photos, that I hope you’ll enjoy as well. <3


Zaragoza_05-blog Zaragoza_06-blog Zaragoza_07-blog






Zaragoza_18 Zaragoza_19-no-stock

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