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Now going back to the beginning of our eurotrip, Toledo was the first pit stop since we left Sevilla and before spending the night in Madrid. We were lucky to catch the last hours of afternoon sun and the beautiful sunset, which filled the old medieval towns with warm and soft toned light. It was also great that the hotness of the day faded a little bit, so walking up and down the steep streets was not as bad as it could have been.

I was impressed with the medieval beauty of the old town, so well kept and cared after. It was also very different from the southern towns I got used to, although it did have some oriental influences in its architecture. The bright white houses were replaced with taller stone buildings, that were making the streets seem narrower and darker than they really were. Here and there, hidden views of beautiful architecture unraveled themselved after a corner or framed by two buildings and at the end of a street that was on a different level than the standing point of view.

I liked Toledo a lot and it’s definitely a must-see if you’re visiting Spain and especially Madrid, as it is just about half an hour away from the capital.




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