the white streets of Ronda

At only 120km away from Seville lies this beautiful white treasure called Ronda. I visited it with some friends (bffs, as I was prompted to add :D) on a day trip sometime in June, while I was still living in Seville. We took the bus and along the road we could admire an amazing landscape, with little white villages here and there, curled up in a valley or bravely guarding the peak of a tall hill.

We strolled a lot on the lovely streets of Ronda, entered in a few traditional patios to chill from the harsh summer spanish sun, seen the popular Puente Nuevo, the Palace of the Moorish King, the Arab Baths, a few more touristic sights, plus laughed more than a lot… obviously, it’s impossible to see everything a city has to offer in just one day, but those few attractions that I’ve mentioned are a must. You can also add the bull ring, which we decided to skip, as we had other objectives in mind.

However, what I recall most vividly when I think about Ronda is the smell of blooming linden (which is funny, because I can’t find any reference to the existence of this tree in Ronda but I am pretty damn sure it smelled exactly like it), which was feeling like a blessing when a chilly breeze was gently blowing from time to time, bringing with it this amazing smell.

And then there was this lady, a street performer playing the harp in a way that was touching your deepest feelings, giving you goosebumps all over your body…Ronda-00-blogRonda-01-blog

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4 thoughts on “the white streets of Ronda

    1. Deea Post author

      It’s even more beautiful in real life! You should definitely make the effort of visiting it, I would even suggest a tour through those white villages – pueblos blancos – from Southern Spain! They’re so charming!

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