Winds of Change • Editorial in PUMP Magazine • December 2017


Been waiting for so long to share this one with you! While living in Barcelona last year I got the opportunity to meet some amazing people in the industry, talented & ambitious emerging artists and luckily had the chance to collaborate with some of them. You already know beautiful Danny from some of my previous …

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Danny • Barcelona • #2


Heeeeeello! What’s up everyone? I’ve got so many cool stories about new projects to share with you but I can’t do it yet, so in the meanwhile I hope you’re ready for part 2 of my previous article, featuring my first photo session with beautiful model Danil Polanco! I have a soft spot in my heart for …

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Danny • Barcelona • #1


What’s up everyone? Ready for some summery, palm trees themed captures from sunny Barcelona? (well, not sunny right now as I’m typing this, on the contrary, it’s cold and dark and raining and I just want to cuddle under a warm blanket and cry.. ok, I’m diverting…). Back to the story! A couple of weeks ago I got …

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Ana • Barcelona • #2


What’s up everyone? Tell me what have you been working on lately? It’s Friday evening at the time of writing this post, around 11 o’clock already (but I haven’t decided when I’m going to schedule this article yet, hehe), I’m accompanied by a glass of homemade tinto de verano (because that’s how I roll!) and writing my …

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Ana • Barcelona • #1


Hola! What’s up everyone? I’m happy to share with you today the first set from my photo session with beautiful model Ana Lendl a few weeks ago in Barcelona! Ana is from Vienna and I was following her instagram for quite a while already, hoping that maybe one day when I find myself in her city I’ll …

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#WonderfulStories • Nathalia


I met Nathalia a few years ago while living in Sevilla, Spain and then life brought us together again a month ago in Barcelona 🙂 Funny how life works sometimes, isn’t it? She needed a set of professional portraits right before she left Spain to pursue a greater challenge in her life. The photos were required to …

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#inmystudio • Manuela


Hey, everyone! What’s up? I’m shamelessly enjoying the Barcelona sun (#sorrynotsorry) – but actually not as much as it might seem I do, considering how much time I have to spend in front of my laptop trying to catch up with all the editing work I have to finish. 🙈 About that – new photos coming …

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