Prague: apple pie and cinnamon

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The moment I stuck my nose out of the underground parking and right into a large open square I was met by a delicious smell reminiscent of apple pie and cinnamon. I instantly threw my bag right there on the ground under my friends’ supervision and ran to the first Trdlenik stand to enjoy the sweet …

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Day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen


Is it worth taking a day trip to Malmo from Copenhagen? I’d rather begin with the whole story, so the starting question in this case would be “how to get to Copenhagen?”. There are extremely cheap flights between Debrecen (Hungary) and Malmo (Sweden) with WizzAir (the cheapest ticket I found was 17 euro both ways!) and …

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Copenhagen: Welcome to bikeland!


When I bought the ultra-cheap tickets to Copenhagen a couple of months in advance I didn’t know what I was embarking myself on to. Copenhagen was always this pretty, neat city I used to see on instagram, a distant place I was learning about back in university through the writings of Jan Gehl, an important center of …

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Meet my hometown #Oradea (2)

Oradea_martie_2016 (2) 1800-2162

Well, looking at all these snaps I take weekly of my dear hometown, I just decided to make this a series! Each blog post will include 10-15 recent images of Oradea via instagram, plus other news (if there are any). If this goes well, I’ll be featuring other peoples’ photos too in the next articles …

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Discovering the jewels of Serbia: Novi Sad

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Let me introduce you a little bundle of colours and joy: Novi Sad ♥ I spent last weekend in this amazing Serbian city and it was such a pleasure to discover what it had to offer. Truth be told, I didn’t know much about it before getting there. Heck, I knew almost nothing! I even thought it …

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Meet my hometown #Oradea

oradea cover

I never shared here anything about my hometown and it’s a shame, ’cause it’s a wonderful city, one of the most beautiful of Romania I might add, without being (too) biased! 🙂 I was born and raised (mainly) In Oradea, a city in the North-West part of Romania, very close to the Hungarian border. Oradea …

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Sevilla #throwback

andreea_iancu_sevilla_blog cover-3953

I re-started blogging back in 2014, right before moving to Sevilla; but then I got so caught up with everything the city had to offer that I never got the chance to thoroughly share my photo diary here on the blog. Yes, I shared along the ride some snaps on my instagram and facebook page, …

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