Monaco // photo diary

Monaco left me with more or less the same feeling as Cannes did. It’s a wealthy nest where rich people like to show off with their ultra-expensive cars. I don’t remember ever seeing so many expensive cars in one place!

The feeling gets a bit overwhelming after a while. Especially when you are looking at the cluster of yachts peacefully swaying near the bay. How could you not feel small, poor and hopeless? How could you not want, just for a tiny little second, be the one living the dream and relaxing on one of those yachts while breathing the salty air, enjoying the cool breeze and catching the last rays of the warm sun before sunset? I could’ve settled with one of the smallest too!

But it’s beautiful, it’s clean, it’s interesting. There was a lot of fuss in front of the Monte Carlo Casino with tourists taking selfies, young richie riches bragging about with their car-that-cost-a-fortune and Asians with their hands full of Prada, Hermes and Louis Vuitton shopping bags. I took a look at the luxurious inside too, but decided not to pay the 10 euro fee just to see the gambling room.

We had just a few hours until the bus back to Juan-les-Pins, so we thought it would be a better idea to walk around a little bit and see what’s behind the main touristic attraction. ┬áMonaco is built on a hilly land and I have to confess I hated climbing the stairs of steep streets while looking for a decent restaurant with convenient price for a student’s budget, but I was hungry back then, otherwise I would have enjoyed more the view and the exercising. Oh yea, the views can get really amazing from some points. This area of the city was so silent compared to the one around the casino. The majority of the streets were empty, just here and there a business-dressed local talking on the phone. Most of the locals we’ve seen were well-dressed and had a sort of sobriety about them, some sort of simple elegance.

No homeless nor beggers, one point for you, Monaco!

But the bus for Juan-les-Pins was almost 2 hours late, so minus one point!

Don’t get me wrong, Monaco, I liked you! I really, really did! But you made me feel so small…


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