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There’s not much I will tell you about Lleida, as we’ve spent there just the night at a cute hostel from where we had a nice breakfast view of a public square.

We arrived quite late at night and it was a lot of trouble getting to the hotel, even with the gps helping us (or rather confusing us more). At one point we were stranded on a dead end street somewhere on the top of the cathedral’s hill (La Seu Vella) and we were getting more and more tired, desperate and pissed off. However, we finally found the hostel after about an hour of spinning in circles (it was inside the old walls of the historic center, a pedestrian area) and all my anger faded away when seeing how beautiful the place looked lit at night.

From the car, I caught here and there glimpses of cute little public squares full of people and light and it was heart-warming to see the city alive at that hour. Had we found the hotel earlier, we would have certainly stayed up all night and enjoying a drink on the lively streets.

I’m asking myself again, what is it about Spanish cities that makes them so charming?!

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