early joy at the seaside: Cádiz


Last weekend we went to Cádiz, for the Carnival, and it was also the first time I’ve ever seen the Atlantic Ocean! I was so freaking happy for seeing a sea (well, ocean) again that I’ve even tried the (extremely cold) water and walked barefoot on the beach. Yay! I am obsessed with going to the seaside, it’s my every year goal and I make sure I reach it every single summer. So imagine my happiness on being at the seaside on 1st of March (and not any seaside.. the Atlantic Ocean!). Looks like I’m going to have a great time around here.. (ah, Sevilla, why u no have an ocean as well?).

And in regards to the famous carnival.. I have to admit I was quite disappointed. At the beginning it was really fun with all those people dressed up as the most unexpected characters, all laughing, singing, dancing, parading on the narrow old streets of Cádiz. I had a great time walking around the city (I had some green alien sunglasses.. hehe), trying to guess who’s who, taking pictures with strangers with funny costumes or just watching the happy ambiance. But soon after midnight it all took a disgusting turn. Most of the people were dead drunk, sleeping or even peeing on the streets and there was a lot of mess, dirt and waste thrown everywhere. It all felt so sad. I wonder if those people were really still having fun..

And that was all, ’cause after taking one more look at the beautiful windy beach in and inhaling the clean salted air in the middle of the night, we took the road back home. But I’ll be back for the seaside, Cádiz!

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