How about Zagreb?

You know what I like most about road trips? The fact you can make as many pit stops as you like and always re-route if things don’t work or something more interesting comes up along the way. I told you about the random stop in Vicenza; well, something similar happened with Zagreb. We re-routed last minute from Ljubljana to Zagreb to give the Croatian capital a chance to show its beauty to us.

I don’t know what were they celebrating, but the parking was free that day so, 10 points for Zagreb!

We headed somehow instinctively to what we supposed to be the city center and we arrived on a large street with tramways and buildings reminding me of Timisoara or Bucharest. It was quite empty and a bit desolating to be honest. It looked like many Romanian cities where things are starting to move in the good direction, but the road ahead is long and there’s still a lot more to improve.

The surprise hit me when we got to the old city area, flourishing with life, activities, tourists. I loved it! We also sat down at a cool pub (literally, it was chill inside) and enjoyed probably the cheapest meal of the trip (yet, extremely delicious). Zagreb, you’re doing it right! I was expecting everything to be way overpriced, as we were in the heart of the most touristic area. But paying 3 euros for a satiable plate of fancy chicken is a dream even in many Romanian towns, yet I was in the Croatian capital, having it all for myself. Bucharest, watch and learn!

Everything is better with a happy stomach, but too bad that by the time we finished our overfilled plates, dark clouds were covering the sky and you could smell the rain closing in. We had to shorten our wanderings and hurry back to the car before another storm caught us on the streets. Apparently, rain was quite a leitmotiv during our holiday.

Bottom line, I can’t wait to return to Zagreb in a few years. I’m sure it will pleasantly surprise me one more time!

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