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Well, 2014 takes a head start by taking me West – actually, South-West – for half of the year. Yeap, I’m moving abroad with my studies and I can’t really express the mixture of feelings and thoughts that wander through my mind. There’s a little bit of fear, mixed with a lot of excitement, impatience and nostalgia for the things and the people I’m leaving behind. I know, it’s not like I’m leaving forever, but still!

All of those blogs I’ve been reading about leaving it all and moving abroad or traveling around the world without any remorse of what’s left behind and all of those courageous people I admire for taking that leap of faith – it’s amazing to realise that it’s happening to me too. Not that I’m doing anything out of the ordinary – I’m not even leaving my 9-5 job! (but that’s because I don’t have one. hehe) – but it’s definitely something out of my comfort zone. I love traveling, but moving abroad for even just half a year always seemed to me like a far fetched dream. And now it’s getting as real as it can ever be and who knows what’s waiting for me after this experience? Maybe I’ll just like it so much that I’ll want to stay there or move further and discover other new places.

As the Day gets closer I’m feeling more and more nervous. How’s it going to be? I have a ton of plans of stuff to do there and I fear that 6 months won’t be enough! What to pack? What to take with me and what to leave behind?

My new room is already waiting for me to call it home. How much will I miss my real home, my family, my friends? What if I won’t like it there?! Sometimes it feels like I’m leaving for 6 years, not 6 months!

Want to hear a little secret? I can hardly wait to share some amazing sunny images and thoughts about my experience there – at least I’ll have a great time on the beach while everyone at home is freezing their asses off! hehe.

P.S. Your advice on the subject is more than welcome, especially if you went through a similar experience!

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