first thoughts on living abroad


After almost two months of living abroad, what I know for sure is that I easily got used to it. It doesn’t feel like anything special anymore and unfortunately I already take most of it for granted. I see the same streets everyday and it gets harder to get lost on the narrow streets of the historic city centre. I pass through an amazing square (Plaza de España, that is) and park (Parque María Luisa) every morning and every afternoon on my way to and back from school. It’s even more beautiful now in spring, when everything is blooming once again and the trees are burdened with pink flowers and white doves. And the streets are almost all without exception filled with a sweet smell of blooming orange trees, that is just amazing. I don’t remember ever visiting a city that had every corner such beautifully scented.

But I got used to it. Not bored, not at all. Just used to it enough that I fail to appreciate it as I should. And it sucks realising that things lose their special something once they become an integrated part of your life. Everytime I stop observing and enjoying the little things, I try to remind myself that my time here is limited and in a few months I’ll be heading back home to a totally different, less colorful and nicely scented town. And this comparison makes it better, you know. I realise that as much as I miss my home and my family and despite all the little shortfalls that I bumped into the last weeks, I love being here. I like Sevilla a lot and I know that next autumn I’ll be missing it like hell along with all the places, people and experiences I’ll be leaving behind.

And regarding the Erasmus part of the experience, all I can say right now is that the grant is definitely not enough for a girl coming from a country where everything is about half the price. The most hurtful moment I have to face every single month is paying the rent, which is outrageously high compared to what I was paying back home (and yet again, it’s more than reasonable for the conditions I have here). And the fact that I’m here with my studies and not working, it’s making it even more hurtful just by thinking of how I’m only spending and not earning.

About the people and the social experiences here I’ll definitely dedicate a whole article sometime in the upcoming future, ’cause there’s a lot I have to talk about and I’m still learning and discovering new things!

And please, please, as cliché as it sounds, do enjoy every moment with your dear ones and every cute little thing that comes your way! Open your eyes and try to discover more of the places surrounding you. Believe me, I’m working on it as well and if I’m trying to learn something here to take it with me for a lifetime, this is it.


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