Firenze, the open-air art museum

I don’t remember where I read or heard it, but it was a beautiful description of Firenze, picturing it as a work of art, as a whole. Every tiny little street, as insignificant as it might seem, features at least a beautiful architectural detail, or a romantic Renaissance story imprinted in its walls. Once you set foot on the first stone of the historic center it’s like stepping into a huge museum: the streets are the aisles and the buildings and statues are the exhibits.

This was my second time in Firenze, but I still had the same overwhelming feeling when standing right next to Santa Maria dei Fiore Cathedral. You can get a peek of Brunelleschi’s fat dome from the streets leading to it, yet it doesn’t prepare you for the moment you’re right below it, looking up and trying to perceive it as a whole (or trying to make it fit in your 18-50mm lens).

Everything seems out of proportion, even more than in Bologna. Beginning with the impressive Cathedral with its Dome and continuing with the multitude of Palazzos and Chapels. I couldn’t believe how huge Medici’s Chapel is! I kept thinking the building is a random church and the chapel should be behind it somewhere..

It was a rainy day, probably the only rainy day in August, but this didn’t stop the hoards of tourists surrounding the Cathedral while waiting to get inside. I had quite a lot of fun capturing them in photos! And it didn’t take any of the beauty of the city either (except the little Fiats crushed by trees the night before.. that was very sad). I enjoyed it as much as when I visited it the first time, 9 years ago on a sunny spring day. Actually, I enjoyed it even more, as all the places appeared more familiar this time after all the reading and studying of its architecture.

Let’s try something: do you recognize yourself or somebody you know in any of the images below? Give me a heads up!  🙂

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