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We had to make another pit stop for having lunch, so why not choose Dali’s hometown for it? I was disappointed (but should have expected it from such a popular and touristic place) to find only outrageously over-priced cute outdoor restaurants, but that was just because I didn’t know what was expecting me in Southern France.

Otherwise it’s a nice town, filled with outdoor bars and restaurants spreaded along the streets and in little public squares as street “pockets”. This happens just in the historic core, where all the attractions are. The rest appeared to me rather empty, just a lost tourist here and there trying to find Salvador Dali’s museum. We didn’t visit it, as there was a large waiting line.

If I were to arrange all the Spanish towns that I’ve visited in a ranking, Figueras would probably be at the bottom of the list as the one I liked least. It’s not that I didn’t like it at all, it’s just that I felt a bit disappointed and didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I will. Maybe I had too high expectations or maybe it just isn’t as interesting as plenty others I’ve seen.

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