Cinque Terre from the sea

The Five Lands. Where should I begin?

We dedicated one whole day to these colorful amazing villages tucked between steep hills and abruptly ending in the sea. Also, we booked in advance a boat trip with Daniele, which turned out to be probably the best three hours of the whole summer! We were 3 couples on the boat, enjoying beer and wine while Daniele was telling us all kind of stories (from serious to funny) about the villages and the whole region. He took us to see the whole land from the sea (did I just make a rhyme?!) and I can tell you it’s a fantastic view! We made a pit stop in Monterosso and then it was just about wine and stories, joy and music, snorkeling in secluded places, standing under waterfalls and learning to jump from the boat (that was me, hehe).

We arrived early in the morning in Manarola, one hour before our boat trip, so we had some time to breath in the sweet morning laziness of the waking town, way before the hoards of tourists would fill up everything with their noise. The town is really small, so in just about half an hour we’ve roamed most of its streets and sat down for a coffee (served to us by the loveliest lady), excited to go at sea. Manarola would turn out to be my favourite village of the five and it’s the place I’m aiming to go back to one day!

CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1651 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1652 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1654 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1655 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1657 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1658 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1660 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1661 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1662 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1663 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1665 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1670 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1675 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1676 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1677 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1679-2 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1680 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1682 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1683 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1684 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1686 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1687 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1689 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1692 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1693 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1694

Monterosso al Mare is my second favourite village and if there’s a striking memory sparkling in my mind about it is its food smells – a delice for my nostrils. It was probably due to the time we arrived there (around lunch), but aromas of pizza and pasta and pesto and tomatoes and basil and and and… oh man, I’m feeling hungry just by remembering all those flavors filling up the streets.

CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1695 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1697 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1698 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1700 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1701 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1704 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1705 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1708 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1709 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1711 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1712 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1713 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1714 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1718 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1730 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1734 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1738 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1744 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1751 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1754 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1755 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1756 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1757 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1758

When we arrived back to Manarola after the lovely sea adventure it was around midday, the sun was burning hot and there were some of the longest tourist lines waiting in the street for a place at one of the restaurants. We decided to ignore our growling stomachs for a little more and instead of waiting in line and risking a heatstroke we jumped into the crystal blue waters to refresh ourselves. Give me summer and clear water to jump into and I’m the happiest girl!

CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1759 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1761 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1762 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1763 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1768 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1770 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1775 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1778

And finally, when we headed out of the water, the waiting lines had already vanished and we took a seat at Il Porticciolo, where I had the best pasta in Cinque Terre!

CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1782 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1784 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1787 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1788 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1790 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1792

From Manarola we headed to Riomaggiore by train. It was overcrowded and the burning sun was tiring. After the delicious meal I had in Manarola, my only wish was to lie down on a boat and take a nap while swinging lazily in the shadow of a rock.

I liked Riomaggiore with its colorful buildings and festively decorated streets. It seemed to me that, although extremely similar, the five towns have each something of their own – more like a feeling. Manarola was peaceful and relaxed, Riomaggiore looked like a party hub, while Monterosso was the fancy one.

CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1793 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1794 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1795 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1796 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1797 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1799 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1800 CinqueTerre_andreeaiancu_blog-1802

Right after I took the image above my camera’s battery died and I was left alone with my brain to do all the job of capturing and memorizing these places.

From Riomaggiore we headed to Corniglia, only to decide that 400 steps was too much to climb in that heat and skip it in favor of more time in Vernazza. Vernazza was the most quiet of them and I think it’s the only one that has a sandy beach – not the best I’ve tried, if I can be honest with you.

In the evening we returned to Levanto tired but happy: Cinque Terre was the highlight of our roadtrip and I’m sure I’ll be back there one day.


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