Marie • Barcelona


Hola, hola! What’s up everyone? All good? I’ve been quite the busy bee in the past months since arriving in Barcelona – from adding new beautiful faces to my portfolio, working on some awesome photo projects I can’t tell you more about just yet, to meeting new people and discovering as much of Barcelona and the …

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The Red Dress / before and after


Hey’a! Ready to start a new week? Thankfully, today is Saint Mary’s Day in Romania, which means it’s a national holiday – so I get to stay home and catch up with all the pile of stuff waiting to be done 😀 I really need to improve my time management and work-life balance before I …

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Shooting an after-wedding/ trash the dress

memories from bari_andreea iancu_blog 06

I’m not a wedding photographer, nor do I pretend to be one, nor do I want to be one. Actually, I dislike photographing weddings and other similar events that imply a large number of people. I find them exhausting to the bone! All my respect for photographers who love it and are good at it, …

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Manuela // window photoshoot

through the window photoshoot

Hola chic@s! ^_^ Finally, this one’s my last photoshoot of 2014 with beautiful Manuela – you should already know her from my earlier photos. Something simple, shooting through a window, while freezing myself out in the cold and struggling with a stupid polarizing filter (that I ended up not using anyway). All natural light. I …

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Cyndi // photoshoot


Hey there! ♥ Caught up in all sort of time consuming activities, I am way behind with sharing around here my photoshoots, but hopefully you’re up-to-date on my facebook page! I also have some good news to share with you, but can’t do it yet, so until then, let’s try to catch up with the photoshoots. 😉 …

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how to use a curve preset

curve preset

Hey, hey! How’s 2015 lookin’ so far? I promised to come back with a useful blog post about how to use the curve presets I recently launched (get your hands on them here), in case you’re not very familiar with the process. It’s very easy and fast, so let’s get it done! 🙂 Step 1: Open …

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fashion blogger’s curve preset // pack 01

fashion blogger preset

I am happy to announce that my first set of Photoshop curve presets is up online, ready for you to download and use! You can download the whole 5-presets pack via Gumroad, at this link. But what are those curve presets all about and why “fashion blogger’s”? The presets are aimed at those of you that …

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