White dreams / Editorial in Alchemist Magazine / issue XVII vol. I


Published editorial in online fashion magazine Alchemist issue XVII vol. I. You can purchase it in print at this link: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1293689 Models: Teo Dora & Manuela Ticarat MUA: Cristina Foit Hairstyle: Daciana Durla Dresses: Maia Ratiu Shoes: Atelier Faiblesse Location: Moara Rasarit in Oradea, Romania

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Something black, something white / photoshoot


Ups! Hope you’ll forgive me for skipping the last few weeks! I had a few articles planned to be published while on the road, I promise I really did, but oh well, life happened and I didn’t find the time to finish up any of the blog posts I started. But if you’ve been following my instagram, …

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Pastel haze / behind the scenes


It’s always a pleasure to photograph Gabriella Olar’s stunning dresses, I mean, look at this pastel pink beauty, how could you not fall in love with it at first sight? ♥ The initial idea was to shoot this set in the same location of the first capture because I liked the flowery hanging plant and …

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The Red Dress / behind the scenes


Hey, hey hey! I’m back with a new post after a long tiring weekend of editing, doing back-ups and reinstalling most of my laptop because, oh well, #shithappens. Hope your weekend was better than mine! Thankfully I didn’t lose anything important this time, but each time this happens I’m reminded of how important it is …

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Rose Garden / behind the scenes


Oh, it’s been such a long time since a behind the scenes/ photoshoot post, but hey, I’m back, so that’s what matters. Missed it? Well, last month I spent a few days in Timisoara, in order to finally receive my architect diploma (I graduated last year, but they give you the official papers only a …

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Editorial for Tales Magazine / January 2016


Makes me so so so happy and proud to see my work published! It’s one of the main reasons that motivates me to keep going when things are not going as smooth as I’d like them to. 🙂 This time my photos were published in Tales Magazine, issue one from January 2016. It’s a lovely …

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Editorial for Scorpio Jin Magazine/ September 2015


I know this comes 5 months late, but I was so sure I already posted it here as well! 😀 One of my favourite last year’s photoshoots was published in Scorpio Jin Magazine, back in September 2015 and I couldn’t be anymore proud of it! We shot it on a hot summer day around the streets …

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