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I’m the type of person that wastes a lot of time planning stuff and then ends up doing it totally different. I always say I’m going to do this or that, but I rarely do exactly how I say – just because my mood & thoughts change from a second to the next.

So, when I planned to methodically organize all the stuff I’m taking with me abroad and make a list, I had a deja-vu feeling of me not ending up doing it. I pushed that feeling away with my well-known ‘this time is going to be different‘ (just for the record, it NEVER gets different, unless you CHANGE something in the process – more about that in a future article). It didn’t. I’m leaving tomorrow, in less than 12 hours, and what am I doing? Writing on the blog, instead of sorting out my clothing. I have no exact idea of what I’m taking with me. I hate making choices when packing, because I never know what I’m going to need! I always feel like taking everything and nothing and this is why every time I have to pack I postpone it until it’s too late and have to hurry up so I end up throwing random stuff in my suitcase. Obviously, after getting to my destination I realise I have a bunch of useless stuff and miss some other dear pieces of clothing. What do you take with you on a 6-month trip?!

Oh, well.

And I never thought it will be so hard to leave. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just half a year, but it feels like I’m leaving forever and my heart breaks into pieces for all the people and the things that I’m leaving behind. I cannot wait to get there and I cannot wait to come back and have a coffee in my favourite pub!ย If I wasn’t compelled to leave right now, I think I wouldn’t have the guts to do it anymore. It’s so much easier to just dream and talk about it than actually take the plunge and do it.

But this is it. It’s time I go back and face the pile of stuff that expects to be crammed in my suitcase. Now, wish me to have a nice trip, an easy flight and a good time in my new destination. And, of course, follow my journey on my blog!

ยกHasta pronto!

3 thoughts on “before leaving

  1. Ovi

    It will be hot as hell, therefore I would pack up tons of t-shirts, socks and underwear (lots of these because of all that sweat :))), swimwear, some shorts, pants, at least one thin and one thick blouse and even a vest if you consider a speed or night boat trip or hiking activities, a blanket, sun glasses, sunscreen lotion (if available and available space), slippers, at least a pair of sport sneakers (you will need them for long runs or perhaps a tennis match, you never know), few towels, a swiss army knife (you’ll never know when you will need this multifunctional bastard), personal care stuff like nail clippers (missed it once and I was feeling like some kind of savage, heh), phone charger, pen, paper, my beloved ipod, a small medical kit (painkiller pills, something in case you catch a cold, diarrhea pills ’cause you never know when diarrhea strikes :)), something for stomach or digestive system maybe because you’ll change food and that’s something I consider as important on long term, pain creme (fenilbutazona sau diclofenac gel) and a couple of bandages… and since you’re a girl and I’ve seen girls waring this items as a regular dress accessory, some band-aids :D). Fork, spoon, knife. And depending on where you’ll stay, some cooking pots and dishes.
    And that’s all I can think about at this moment ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck and have fun!

    1. Deea Post author

      With your list I should’ve payed for 2 large hold baggages, not just one :)) Oh well, I have added most part of what you said, but now I’m going nuts because I can’t find my sunglasses! ๐Ÿ™

      Oh, and thank you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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