amazing sevillan sunset

One of the most amazing sunsets I’ve had the chance to witness until now was not on a beach, as I wish it was, but from the top of Metropol Parasol, a contemporary architectural piece in Sevilla by J. Mayer H. Architects. It’s interesting how I had mixed feelings about this building, but it instantly conquered my heart when, after 5 months of living 5 minutes away from it, I finally climbed to the top and admired the city along with the stunning sunset I was talking about.

metropol parasol sevilla

Well, it’s not that I didn’t like ‘Las Setas’ (as the Parasol is being called here, which means ‘mushrooms’) at all, it’s that I wasn’t really sure about it, how it fits amongst all the old buildings surrounding it and what does the city and its people benefit from it. The structure is interesting nonetheless (and although it might not look like, it’s made of TIMBER and it’s one of the largest timber structures made in the world) and has attracted tons of both negative and positive opinions.

During my months here I passed by it dozens of time, as I basically live next to it, so I had the chance to perceive it at different hours of the day and during different seasons or festivities. Long story short, it’s a positive thing for the city. Maybe not the best that could have been done, but it does attract a lot of people, both tourists and locals. People are relaxing on its stairs in the evening or at the dozens of bars surrounding the construction, children are playing up on the platform and skaters are enjoying the base of the ‘mushrooms’ as great ramps for tricks. The structure makes a great play of shadows on the pavement for the artist in you. There’s a market below the platform from where I bought some nice and fresh fruits (although it quite fishy stinks). Here, in Plaza de Encarnación, they have discovered antique roman ruins while building the parasol, so now there’s a whole museum-ish area underground – which is definitely worth taking a look. You can also find a cute souvenir shop for the tourist in you.

But while all of this is happening on ground level, what really made me love this structure was the breathtaking view from above. Although pretty filled with tourists at that time, it was unexpectably quiet, so nobody was disturbing you from your thoughts of admiration while walking around and discovering every view spot. I’ve seen Sevilla from Giralda and from Camera Obscura but didn’t feel as spectacular as it felt from the parasol. It’s a different story upstairs. The timber structure (yes, it’s TIMBER!) beautifully fills a gap in the city’s pattern, while it also lives by itself.

metropol parasol sevilla

metropol parasol sevilla

The air was quite cool and it was windy up there, a welcome feeling after walking around the city all day long at 40°C in plain sun. I didn’t have the patience to wait for the sun to set, but thank God my friends insisted in waiting a bit more – it was damn worth it! Sevilla looks amazing covered by the golden colours of the sunset. There’s something so special about it. Or maybe it was just the tiredness of the day. Or I’m a bit out of my mind. Who cares, I loved it and it’s right in top 1 favourite sunsets!

metropol parasol sevilla         metropol parasol sevilla

It’s 3 euros getting up on the top of Metropol Parasol and you have a drink included in this price – more than welcome after walking around for ages around the boiling streets. Totally worth it. 🙂

And this is how you’ll see Giralda from the top of the Setas:

metropol parasol sevilla giralda

Hasta luego! ♥




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