10 amazing cities with photogenic streets

During my last years’ travels around the world (mostly Europe), I discovered a wealth of beautiful cities with lovely streets that would make the ideal background for fashion or fairytale photoshoots. You know how they say that if you really want something and throw your wish out there, it might just come true one day? Well, this is one of the reasons I’m compiling this list, in the hope I will get the opportunity to shoot an editorial on these streets someday (soon).

It was hard, but I got the number down to 5 of my top favourite inspiring streets AND added another 5 cities I haven’t been to yet, but that look incredibly promising. I left out Paris, London and New York just because.. well, they pop up quite a lot as fashion shoot backgrounds, don’t they?

So. Let’s see which city would I want to see as a setup for my fashion/ fairytale shoots…

1. Fez, Morocco

While outside the snowflakes are covering my window, my mind is wandering in summerish distant places… #Morocco #Fez #summer #Africa #traveling #photooftheday #memories #throwback

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Fez is simply mesmerizing and conquered my heart right away. The narrow shaded streets, switching from decaying areas to places adorned with colorful mosaic, would make a great setup for a beautiful oriental story.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Beautiful #Lisbon, last year ? Miss those steep streets and picturesque architecture #traveling #travel #Portugal #memories #architecture #street #city #Europe #photooftheday #instadaily A photo posted by Andreea Iancu (@andreeaiancuphotography) on

Lisbon is so romantic and every corner is postcard-worthy. Be it on top of a steep street witnessing the amazing views surrounding you or along the pretty colorful walls embellished with azulejos,  this city seems to breath stories through every pore. And they’re all nostalgic, exactly as I love them!

3. Nice, France

More from last summer in Nice ? Where to next? #Nice #France #summer #traveling #city #street #throwback #Europe

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While discovering Nice little by little, the only thing I kept repeating was how much I’d love to create a fashion editorial on its streets. From Promenade d’Anglais to Place Massena, to the stunning Promenade de Paillon (which could also work as a fairytale setup) and then the cute streets from the historic town… the only issue would be to avoid tourist peak season and hours.

4. Vicenza, Italy

One more from Vicenza ❤ #Vicenza #Italia #igersitalia #untoldvisuals #traveling #whatitalyis #passionpassport #welltravelled #igersvicenza #latergram #architecture A photo posted by Andreea Iancu (@andreeaiancuphotography) on

Vicenza was such an unexpected beautiful surprise! We stopped there for only a short time in the quest of visiting Palladio’s Villa, but after bumping into the cute old town, with its gorgeous streets and architecture (which were also quite empty at that time, all for ourselves!), we decided to wander around a bit more. Would love to return one day and imagine a story around these streets.

5. Granada, Spain

Reminiscing again on my blog 🙂 #Granada #Andalusia #Spain #traveling www.andreeaiancu.com/blog

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Although the Albayzin neighborhood with its white houses and winding streets would be perfect for a story, to be honest, what I would really love to use as a background for a photoshoot is the stunning Alhambra with its Moorish heritage. Now that would be inspiring!

6. Havana, Cuba  

Havana throwback #tbt #havana #cuba #colour #decay #old #throwbackthursday A photo posted by c l a i r e b r o w n (@__clairebrown__) on

Cuba to me looks like a time capsule, a place that retained the flavour of a distant past era. I love stories that are placed in a different time and place than today’s reality, which is why this kind of setups easily get to my heart. The architecture in Havana would be an amazing background for such a story, not to mention the colorful vintage cars…

7. Matera, Italy

{ #italiainape goes on… } Non c’è cosa più bella di trascorrere la domenica mattina circondati dalla bellezza senza tempo di #Matera. Con le signore appollaiate all’ingresso delle loro casette con vista sui sassi. Credo che questa città sia uno dei posti più belli al mondo, sapete? Più ci torno e più lo penso. E poi devo ammettere che girare tra i sassi a bordo di un ape calessino rende tutto ancora più bucolico. Una figata! Adesso si va al mare. Maratea preparati, arrivano le apette! @thegira.it #vediamopositivo #laprima #veryagriturismo #basilicatabellascoperta #igersmatera

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I was an inch close to visiting this lovely town last year but we had too little time and decided to skip it in the end. I still long for aimlessly wandering on its stone paved streets…

8. La Valletta, Malta  

Kids on the streets of Valetta. Tripping over the sea to Malta again this year to meet some new couples for their wedding day. Fate always seems to bring me back there. Or maybe it’s Google ?? #Malta #valetta #weddings #maltadestinationweddings A photo posted by Paula O’Hara Photography (@paulaohara) on

I remember a few years ago I received a postcard from a friend who went on a trip to Malta. I don’t remember the exact place she went to, but I remember the picture was showing an exotic sunny town with stunning architecture. This is how this rich in history island got stuck in my mind. And it’s not just Malta with its La Valletta, but the whole Maltese Archipelago is simply jaw-dropping and features worthwhile views for photography aficionados. Just Google and you’ll see what I mean! Hope to get there one day.. soon!

9. Santorini, Greece

Windmill on the windy island #santorini ? . . . Blog: http://thelittletravellersboots.blogspot.ca #oia #thira #santoriniisland #cyclades #cyclades_islands #mediterranean #mediterraneansea #greece #igersgreece #instagreece #greecetagram #greekislands #europe #europe_gallery #travel_overtheworld #passionpassport #luxurytravel #greektravel #bestplacestogo #travel #instapic #instatravel #instagood #instatrip #windmill

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I’ve already been a few times to Greece, but never on the popular island Santorini. Can you really take a bad picture of this little white jewel? I haven’t found any.. these narrow winding streets look like straight out of a dream! Plus, the views…

10.  Amsterdam, Netherlands  

Meanwhile where home is. Greetings from paradise called Thailand ? A photo posted by Yas ✈️ (@yas_from_amsterdam) on

Amsterdam definitely looks like a flourishing city that has much to offer, not only in terms of photography. Looking forward to paying it a visit anytime soon! And who knows, maybe put up a photoshoot there too!

This tiny selection doesn’t do any justice to the amount of beauty there is in the world.. so let me know what other places would you add to this list? Share below! ♥

10 thoughts on “10 amazing cities with photogenic streets

    1. Deea Post author

      No reason to be ashamed! 🙂 Morocco is wonderful, I’ve seen just a little part and would love to return for more! I also recommend you Seville in Spain if you haven’t been, although it’s not on this particular list. Let me know if you need any tips, would love to help!

  1. Tami

    Vicenza, Italy looks amazing, and of course, Santorini is spectacular (I’ve been there–would love to go back)! I’d love to explore that hilltop town of Maltera, Italy, too!

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